41PRQOmwIRL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_All of her past skeletons come tumbling out at the same damn time!

Just when Camille thinks she has the chaos of her life under control, the clouds break and she has a hard time controlling the storm. Her already shaky marriage is crumbling before her eyes, add to it her husband’s pregnant side chick and all the skeletons in her closet; she may be in over her head!

Now, she’s standing face to face with Karma and it’s the last person she’d ever expect it to be. The same person, who has been tormenting her the last six months, is now threatening to ruin everything she has worked so hard for.

She should have listened when her mom told her, “your actions have consequences” because now she’s finding out the hard way. Will she back down under the pressure of being exposed or will she lay all of her cards on the table? What will it take for her to open her eyes?

Maybe she should have listened to her therapist or maybe it’ll take the possibility of losing her career, a near death experience of someone she loves or the unexpected death of a loved one, to open her eyes. Or is it simply too late?

Has her actions left her with more than she can conquer or can she survive with her mind, marriage and career intact? Find out in the series finale of Ms. Nice Nasty!

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“Oh my goodness!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Passion Reader

Never have I read a book in one day. I’m always to busy. But this book was truly a page turner, could not work or go to sleep until I finished it. Great job Lakisha! Grabs your from the beginning and don’t let go until the end.

About the Author

Lakisha Johnson, born on May 2, 1977 in Memphis, TN is a Christian who wasn’t always saved and who still, sometimes, make mistakes. She comes from a large family and is a friend to all those who show themselves friendly! She is an ordained minister and absolutely loves the talent God has anointed her with. She is also a college graduate with 2 Associate Degrees in Information Technology, a blogger of Daily Devotionals and she tries, every day, to be an encourager to all those who look to her for encouragement. She isn’t perfect but she’s a daily work in progress with God as the lead contractor. So please pardon the dust during remodeling.

Writing didn’t find me, it’s was engraved in my spirit before I was even created. – Lakisha

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