Windemere seems like a peaceful vacation community until threatening notes are found in everyone’s mailbox on the Fourth of July. Things only get worse when the next day a body is found drowned in the resort’s pool. Initially ruled an accident, another set of notes and another body are discovered a week later. Alex, a college student staying at his family’s home with his brother for the summer, starts to look into the deaths. He believes the notes and the drownings are connected, and not simply a coincidence like the police have determined. When a third set of notes and dead body show up again after another week, the entire community begins to panic. Alex, with the help of his friends, must find out who the killer is before someone else they know ends up dead.
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An avid fan of mysteries and reading in general, Robert grew up spending his summers at the Jersey shore near Ocean City. His experiences and memories of those times set the backdrop for his first novel, Murder At The Shore. He lives near Philadelphia, PA with his two daughters.

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