51GMphKihiL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Meet Sudsy, unwitting amateur detective. Overnight, Sarah (Sudsy) Hunter’s cozy world is hurled upside down. When she gave up the stress and pressure of New York City for a more placid life in the picturesque college town of Riverbank, she looked forward to running her laundry-plus-pub business, and to spending more time with her family, and with Tramp, her trusty canine pal, by her side. And for many years, she did just that. Suddenly Riverbank has become a maelstrom of murder and deception, and she finds herself in the dead center of the storm. Now will Sudsy’s desperate scramble to find out who is poisoning her peaceful existence spin out of control before she is rinsed down the drain?

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“You’re in for a Big Surprise!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Lynn Welden

While not an experienced reader in the mystery/suspense genre, this book won me over immediately. Plot and characters are terrific and totally believable and involving. The author had me guessing throughout,and I felt like Sudsy Hunter [the main character] and I became good friends during her relentless battle for truth and justice. To put it succinctly, I loved it. I hope the author will not wait too long to bring us further adventures of her engaging, funny, and likeable heroine.

About the Author

Rachel Hockett (b. 1951), an alumna of the first class of women at Yale, is a writer, editor, and theater director and teacher. As an avid advocate for marriage equality, Rachel is the founder of the Equality Mantra on Facebook. In 2010, after forty-plus years of living in New York City and California, Rachel returned to her beloved hometown of “gorges” Ithaca, New York, where she co-founded and serves as artistic director of the Homecoming Players, a company dedicated to collaborating in Ithaca’s arts-rich, progressive community, at the intersection of social justice and theater.

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