My alternative Universe

by Sylvester Roberts (Author)

Paralyzed and yearning for escape, a mysterious force opens a gateway to an alternate universe, where limitless possibilities await.

Book Description:​

I lay in the hospital paralysed after a collision with a lorry. I spent nearly a year staring straight ahead at cream-coloured walls. I had plenty of time to contemplate my future while an ambulance crew stretchered me to my bedroom at home. I was now my wife’s problem, apart from the occasional visit from the doctor.

After two years, I learned how to turn the pages in a book using a mouth-held device while the book rested on a book pillow. Occasionally I would glance at the white wall and a picture, showing someone walking into the light, suggesting there is an afterlife. I secretly hope there are aliens somewhere on another world. Perhaps It’s wishful thinking.

My wife, Judith, would enter my room around 9 p.m. after I was bored stupid from watching the
television and lay my head on the pillow.

What transpires next is beyond my comprehension, unable to struggle, gasping for breath.

About the Author

Sylvester Roberts (Author)

Age is a myth. You're as old as you feel. I take each day as it comes, usually starting to write a few pages in my next book. I enjoy theorising about the afterlife. Some people dismiss the subject as pure folly until you experience a brilliant white light while stepping from here into somewhere else; keep an open mind. I enjoy riding my bicycle through the countryside while I work out the next scene in my book. Sometimes we travel to Scotland and South Wales, where many of the ideas for my books originate. I was born on a farm, then ventured into running my own business before taking early retirement to enjoy my passions. I don't tend to write overly complicated stories or make someone run for a dictionary to understand what is written. All royalties from my books go directly to the air ambulance.

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