My Awesome Adventure With The Holy Spirit

Gretchen's transparent telling of her life's journey will inspire you with a fresh breath of kindness and humor.
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This easy-read will have a big impact on your spiritual life! In it, Gretchen details some of the major moments in her life that can only be explained as lead by the Holy Spirit. Just like many others, Gretchen has not always wanted to do as God called her to do, but she has done so anyway and was rewarded for doing so. If you are like me and are still learning how to always obey God, this book will teach you in ways that will make you laugh, cry and leave you wildly perplexed. Gretchen and I met on Facebook and I can’t wait to talk to her personally about similarities between her story and mine. I think the Holy Spirit brought us together and I hope you will feel that way too after getting to know Gretchen through this book.

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Book Description:

My Awesome Adventure With the Holy Spirit: Life Lessons From the Bible’s Greatest Tour Guide is the personal account of author, Gretchen Nero as she shares intimate stories of her most treasured moments with the Holy Spirit. Gretchen’s transparent telling of her life’s journey will inspire you with a fresh breath of kindness and humor.

This fun, sweet adventure shows you that if you’re bored with living for Jesus, then you may want to consider approaching it differently. My Awesome Adventure With the Holy Spirit shows you how to live life right.

Gretchen Nero (Author)
About Gretchen M. Nero Gretchen Nero was born in Louisiana, raised in California, born again in Israel and now lives in Texas. She’s been an Executive Secretary for over 35 years and is now a first-time Author! She loves cooking, photography, reading, traveling, studying her Bible and continues to be inspired by the direction of the Holy Spirit!
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