My Best Thinking (the highs and lows of Rehab)

This is a story about how therapist’s, her peers and rehab help her see, and then deal with, the truth.
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Book Description:

Have you ever wondered what recovery from addiction might be like, and why “they” just can’t say no?
To begin with, Mimi thinks she has killed someone whilst in a blackout, she doesn’t think she is an addict and she definitely does not want recovery.
She’s in Rehab.
She’s in deep denial.
This is a story about how therapist’s, her peers and rehab help her see, and then deal with, the truth.
This book gives a birds-eye view from the inside out, how people can be moved from Denial to Recovery.
Mimi meets other addicts with different addictions and through shared desperation.
Find the answers and methods that start their journey, or prolong the agony.
This is also an information manual that gives many descriptions of how to change what is wrong through education and support and points the reader to many resources.
It is time to change perceptions about this Mental Health catastrophe, to find better solutions. This book is sad, shocking, informative, sometimes funny but ultimately hopeful. Describing how it is possible to change, get well and prosper.
Denial: ‘Sincerely believing our own lies’.

I have read Sabrina’a two non fictional previous works and taken comfort in both. Therefore it was with interest that I purchased her first fictional novella. Again, it is written in Sabrina’s no nonsense, raw and honest style, giving a true insight into the experiences of within a rehab facility. Making reference to those realities that go hand in hand with the sufferings of the addict and those close to her / him. There’s no sugar coating to any of what’s in the book and neither should there be. Ongoing recovery and perhaps chance of a happy life are the best any addict can wish for with this disease with the alternative being devastation and tragedy for all those concerned. A rehab facility such as the one in the book often provides the chance for the former. Well done Sabrina, look forward to your next work.

-- Ewan

Sarina Wheatman (Author)

Every story about Recovery begins of course with a story about addiction, about the relentless progression of an illness that renders its host helpless, hopeless and more often than not shamed to the point of desiring an end to the pain. It is at this point that recovery is possible if the right help is discovered. I am so grateful to have discovered the right help for myself at the point where I could quite conceivably have ended it all. Many addicts do get to that dark and depressing place never realising that change is possible and help is available. I have worked for years in the Recovery world, mainly in rehabs in the UK, in Jersey and Holland, teaching others how to change, how to get clean and sober and how to recover. My books are an extension of this desire to help. My life has been eventful and non-conformist, I have travelled extensively and love nothing more than people watching at some airport in the back of beyond. I love the unusual and strange, I do ‘weird’ really well. I would love to go digging for opals in Australia or mining for chrome diopside in Russia. I probably will never do those things but enjoy the dream that maybe one day I might! For now, though my mission is to ‘change perceptions (about addictions) one book at a time’ I invite you to join me in this quest and perhaps the terrible statistics for death by addiction can be changed. Namaste.

This is a story about how therapist’s, her peers and rehab help her see, and then deal with, the truth.

My Best Thinking (the highs and lows of Rehab) Share
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