Ava Parnass MSN Author/Songwriter/Child Therapist “The Kid Whisperer: Marrying up Entertainment & Emotional Literacy for Kids.  Read the Book,Dance & Sing the Songs! Kids Love & Learn how the “power of feelings” improves behavior & overeating!  Parents ,”Prevention NOT Intervention “My Feelings Are Hungry” has a imaginative story kids love,and a Feeling Town Map at the back of the book. This map helps parents and kids start a Daily Feelings Ritual to help everyone figure out the feelings that are hiding underneath their misbehaving and overeating and change it. To sing along with Mushy’s song “My Feelings Are Hungry ” & “Gotta Find Out” visit http://web.me.com/mushmuzak/ListenToMePlease.com_blog/ListenToMePlease/ListenToMePlease.html
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“Hours of fun exploring emotions”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Peter Lucking

“My feelings are Hungry” is written in a happy go lucky rhyme that is fun to read. The illustrations by Al Margolis are entertaining and will delight the inquisitive young mind,. There are hidden stories within the story and there is a lot to be found. From the brilliant E-mobile to the Happy Café, Rebecca, Mushy and friends go on an emotional journey to “Feeling Town.” Share your love for your children every day, do not take it for granted that they know how you feel; but most importantly do you real know how they feel? Use this book to find out! This book will give hours of fun exploring emotions and helping both young and old identify feelings.

Find out and share how your kids are feeling in “Feeling Town.” It is a great game of emotions to play with your kids, do they need a hug or a kiss. So they have the Grump-purty grumps! share their emotions, it is fun to play. A book for all kids from 1-100

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Ava Parnass, a.k.a. “The Kid Whisperer,” is an Author, Songwriter and Child Therapist who specializes in Marrying Entertainment and Social-Emotional Literacy for Kids. Her multi-media materials, books and songs encourage parents and kids to have fun, sing along, and in the process learn how utilizing the “Power of Feelings” improves behavior and overeating. Parents use her products to discover and practice techniques of “Prevention, NOT Intervention!” Ms. Parnass combines her lifelong passion for the psychological and spiritual aspects of life with the healing force of music. Her mission is to “Change the World One Family at A Time” by raising awareness of the psychological factors that contribute to obesity and other childhood issues. Knowledge is power, and without knowledge of how feelings contribute to overeating, behavior can’t change. In her new children’s book, “My Feelings Are Hungry,” the superhero, Mushy the Magic Book, flies with kids in the E-mobile to Feeling Town to help solve problems. Ms. Parnass’s other book, “Listen to Me, Please! Time-In, Not Time-Out,” co-written with Dr. Ron Taffel, features new technique that use pictures and words to help parents and children learn about feelings, leading to positive changes in behavior. Excerpts from the book appeared in Nick Jr. Family Magazine for 3 consecutive months. Ms. Parnass also writes pop and rock songs for adults. She has collaborated on various projects since 1998 with some of New York’s most prominent hit-writers, performers and award-winners. She co wrote the song “You are Water” with Alex Forbes and Eve Nelson, performed by multi-platinum New Zealand artist Hayley Westenra (Universal). The album reached #3 on the Billboard chart in the U.S. Ms. Parnass co-wrote the lyrics for the album “Languishing in Turbulence” with artist Lorraine Ferro, winner of a Dove Award for her song,“Adoni.” Other collaborators include Jeff Franzel, J.J. Appleton, David Wolfert, Kiko Delorenzo, Ann Klein, Wes Hutchinson, Jonathan Spottiswoode, Teddy Kumpel, illustrator Al Margolis and author Dr. Ron Taffel. To discover more about music and books by Ms. Parnass, please visit AvaParnass/books/songs/Amazon http://web.me.com/mushmuzak/ListenToMePlease.com_blog/ListenToMePlease/ListenToMePlease.html Ms. Parnass is available for media interviews.

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