“The harsh reality to living life is that there will be painful moments; some may last for minutes, and some pain may last longer. While enduring pain along with other emotions, you have to make a conscious decision to be strengthened and press forward.”

These words rang through the infant stages of this book; however, you will never understand the vigor behind this quote until you have read every word from the front to the back cover.

Within these pages, you will come to know the heart, passion, and smile of Valecia Carter. When you have the opportunity to meet Valecia personally, she will greet you with an infectious smile. Her smile is not counterfeit or forced, but is a testament to her triumphant victory over the troubles she has witnessed and overcome throughout her life.

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“Having real faith and trusting in God to do everything you ask and need.”

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What I like the most about it is that it’s real life testimony.

About the Author

Valecia Carter is a dedicated wife, mother and grandmother.  She has expressed her emotions through her writing of poetry from middle school to adulthood.  She is a Freelance Poet, Author, Writer, Speaker and Blogger with her book to be released in October 2018.  She decided to write her book with the hope of helping women and men who struggle in their relationships.  There are so many ways to do things but doing things the right way is what turned her test into a testimony.  She has suffered through heartache, pain, fear and anger to name a few of the emotions while hanging on to her rollercoaster marriage, but she continues to let her smile brighten any obstacle she is faced with.  She now tells her story and how she overcame tragedy with triumph, turned her sorrow into joy and put her trust in God instead of man.  Although she experienced her share of hurt, she holds her head up high as she expresses how her mess has now become a message. Writing started out as her outlet and has now become her vision.  She has a passion to be successful and knows that failure is not an option.  She continues to stretch herself as she walks by Faith with the Spirit of expectancy in all her endeavors.

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  1. I love the book, she was transparent and open and bold and strong and loving. Even through the heartbreak and anger she was still willing to support the man that she chose to love. She knew choose him and blamed no one for the situation but yet talked to God. Encouraging

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