Have you ever had a strange experience that you couldn’t quite explain? How would you feel if it seemed as though your life were a string of these weird, often frightening events?

Follow along with the author as she relives moments in her life that dubbed her a “Ghost Magnet,” a name given to her by her own mother.

Were these events caused by paranormal forces? Or are there logical explanations? Read the stories, and judge for yourself.

After each story, the author attempts to find other possible explanations for each event. However, there are some things that science and reason just can’t explain. Read the stories.

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“Unexpected And Unknown”

Five Star Review on Amazon By MissScarlett

The author has a very readable style of writing; anyone interested in the paranormal should enjoy this short collection. I’m so glad an angel (of some sort) helped the author out during a terrifying experience.

About the Author

Kerry Daniels currently lives in Arizona with her husband and dog. After working 7 years working as a freelance writer, she decided to follow her passion and dream of being an author.

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