These were all new concepts to KR. A whole new world had opened up to him.
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My Life My Story My Journey & A Tall Tale is a one-way street kind of story. We all know what it is to have ups and downs throughout life, and what we managed to do so we could keep going on despite the necessities or sorrows we might have. And in this narrative, I was able to see myself reflecting on many of those situations. This is the story of RBK, a motorcycle builder that shares his very own journey and what he learned along the years from his perspective, explaining the struggles he had to endure and how following his heart searching for his personal “bigger picture” helped him get better. RBK ‘s writing is beautiful. The way he managed to connect with me or, better said the way I connected with his words is unbelievable. He is able to add poetry to the narrative which makes this a calm reading, but yet it felt like I read this book in 2 hrs. What I also find interesting is that he is the main character, and yet the way he describes himself seems like he writes about someone else. When he talks about the time he spends in “the dark night” felt like it was one character and then writing about his search, I could see a different character, so it warms my soul to experience this amazing growth in the character, knowing that this was a real person going through real problems. It gives you hope. Another plus of this book is the mention of different songs along the story that helps to bring some closure to the chapter. So I recommend that you play the song while reading that part because it brings the story closer and it makes you feel you are in it. And in my case, I decided to follow RBK's advice and keep a dream journal. It had really helped me with my dreams and how I interpreted them. So I can also say, this is a teaching book. This is an amazing read, highly recommended.

-- Agustina
Book Description:

Dark Night Of The Soul, Spirituality, Ascension. These were all new concepts to KR. A whole new world had opened up to him. Willing to explore this new world, KR embraced the future with an open mind. And then there was Theresa, the catalyst that awakened him, sending him on a quest for answers that led him to a juncture of two paths, where anything could be manifested. Remembering her last words: “I’ll see you soon.”

R.B.K. (Author)
Hello I write under the pen name RBK. I am a tradesman and custom motorcycle builder. From northern Alberta Canada. A self published indie author. Born and raised within blue collar society. An introverted rebel. Writing from my soul and my heart on my sleeve. I share my nonfiction story with the world. With truth and honesty. Written in real time as my story unfolded. My personal twin flame experience. Authentic, raw and real. MY LIFE MY STORY MY JOURNEY & A TALL TALE – Book one. Receiving five star reviews. A Canada book award and Literary Titian’s silver book award. Surpassing all of my dreams. I continue to write. MY LIFE MY STORY MY JOURNEY & A TALL TALE – Book 2 & 3. Combined together. Continues my nonfiction pilgrimage. Once again written in real time as my story unfolded. Available June / 21. ~R.B.K.
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