My Little Heart, Ruthie

This jazz guy named Clyde turns out to be a friend with whom Ruthie can share her darkest secrets.
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Book Description:

My Little Heart, Ruthie is the story of a wounded heart living alone in a cold, icy cell with only her harp for company. One day a warm breeze blows into her cell and so startles Ruthie that she gathers her courage and goes to see what this beautiful feeling is all about, nearly breaking free of her confinement. The breeze turns out to be a fellow heart warming up on his trumpet. This jazz guy named Clyde turns out to be a friend with whom Ruthie can share her darkest secrets. Their conversation told both musically and in rhyme leads Ruthie to discover that her suffering is self imposed and that she has the right to be free. Told as a children’s rhyme, this story speaks to the child inside of every person who believes that past abuses happened because they did something wrong, and it tries to convince them that it was never their fault.

My Little Heart Ruthie reads straight from the angelic realms. This sweet story encompasses the depths of human yearning. Ruthie learns to accept her unique voice and experience. The sumptuous illustrations align perfectly with the poetry. As a survivor of traumatic child abuse i have gone through the isolation, guilt and shame. Life is so much better now that i deeply and completely love and accept myself with all of my characteristics. I have come out of my cocoon and daily live the bliss of being. This book will inspire the reader to listen within and sing their very own heartsong.

-- Karen Lee

“My Little Heart, Ruthie”. After reading the book I ordered the CD. I really enjoyed listening to the audio version narrated by the author with beautiful jazz music that flowed with the emotions of the reading. Toni Jannotta really brings the story to life with the audio! My daughter has a disorder that makes reading difficult so it is a happy bonus to have both the book and audio that I can share with her.

-- B Selby

About the Author ▸ Toni Jannotta

Toni Jannotta started as a dancer, became an actress, performed in children’s theater, sang in musical theater, and ended up in jazz clubs. She has written jazz tunes, performed in the U.S. and abroad, and has composed the music for her original story rhyme, “My Little Heart, Ruthie.” Toni lives with her violin and piano in Southern California. This is her first book.
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