My Real Hue is an extraordinarily brave man’s quest to fully understand and accept himself despite his family obstructing his path. Though it spans five decades, the story is a poignant reminder that adult life is constantly and comprehensively affected by childhood. From the instant readers meet young Danny, his torturous relationship with his parents is evident. His dysfunctional family capitulates everything from challenges with coming to terms with his sexuality to a set of burgeoning neuroses. He discovers the only way to save himself is to sever ties with the very people who brought him into the world. The reader will accompany Danny on his painful journey toward shattering the age-old notions that ‘blood is thicker than water, ‘ ‘family is everything, ‘ ‘family comes first, ‘ ‘Thou shalt honor thy father and mother, ‘ ‘You’re going to regret severing your relationship with your parents when they are gone, ‘ and the like. Readers in similar circumstances to Danny’s will be confronting a thought-provoking alternative to the self-destructive, self-loathing, guilt-ridden, depressing, dangerously unhealthy, stressful, and often suicidal existence associated with feeling inextricably attached and obligated to an abusive and dysfunctional family. Danny will ultimately demonstrate to the reader that the potential stigma of being estranged from one’s family may be well worth the tradeoff of being able to live out one’s life far more happily, peacefully, healthfully, and self-fulfilled than one could have ever imagined.
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“Superior read! Thank you”

Five Star Review on Amazon By JK

All of us encounter personal struggles in life, but Daniel’s was unyielding and debilitating. The toxin came from his own mother and father. Yet, despite almost insurmountable emotional dysfunction, Daniel courageously rebuilt his life. His book is the gripping, candid story of a man’s personal voyage of discovery…brutally honest, inspiring, and compelling! I cherish this book because Daniel bares his soul to us and imparts such hope and wisdom. For those who struggle, those who have been hurt, this book embodies strength from a fellow traveler. Superior read! Thank you, Mr. Eisner!

About the Author

Daniel Yves Eisner was born in New York City to Jewish Holocaust survivors, his mother from Paris and his father from London. His memoir, My Real Hue, takes the reader through the evolution of his extremely dysfunctional family starting with his birth in 1950. Having been forced to leave her native Paris at the outset of the war, Eisner’s mother never recovered from the trauma of having to leave her home. Her immigration to the United States in 1941 and becoming an American citizen gave rise to a life of profound unhappiness living in a country she never considered home and being married to a man she was never in love with. Her longing to return to Paris which endured for over six decades had a devastating effect on Eisner which led to his ultimate estrangement from his family. Eisner’s inspiration to write his memoir was rooted in a desperate need for catharsis and a deep desire to help other people whose lives were almost destroyed at the hands of a deeply unhappy parent. His estrangement from his family gave Eisner the time he needed to heal, discover, and become the person he is today.

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