My Stars Are Still Shining a memoir

She faced those challenges, and in the end, every encounter, whether good or bad, helped shape her journey.
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Book Description:

Though she came to live a glamorous life interviewing celebrities and walking international runways as a fashion model, Amina Warsuma’s path there was anything but easy. From modest beginnings, she needed grit and a willingness to surrender to fate to make it to the top.

As soon as we decide on a path to achieve our goals, we will be tested—and Warsuma was no exception. Determined to become a successful model, Warsuma immediately had obstacles thrown in her way, testing her resolve. She faced those challenges, and in the end, every encounter, whether good or bad, helped shape her journey.

Warsuma shares stories of everyone she’s met—from Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor to Truman Capote and Karl Lagerfeld. Each one had a unique spirit, and each had something to teach her about never giving up and never backing down. These lessons became the stars she followed to her destiny.

Amina Warsuma’s new memoir offers readers a glimpse of some of the world’s most renowned artists and designers. And even while she was part of such an illustrious crowd, Warsuma learned that the most important path was her own.

My Stars Are Still Shining by Amina Warsuma is a moving memoir with powerful lessons on what it takes to succeed, a story of grit, focus, and determination. Follow Amina’s journey from humble origins into the spotlight and learn how she got to interview celebrities and strut the fashion catwalks. All Amina wanted was to succeed as a model, but this isn’t something that just happens because we want it. She quickly learns that the path she’s chosen is filled with challenges and she faces them with unusual courage. In this memoir, she shares her journey with readers, revealing moments and encounters in her path to achieving her dream, and bringing in stories with people like Elizabeth Taylor, Karl Lagerfeld, and Michael Jackson. While this memoir tells the story of a successful model, it offers readers glimpses into the world of glamour, allowing readers a closer look at some of the famed artists and fashion designers. Amina Warsuma writes with great clarity and she makes her characters come alive, including those she’s known from childhood such as Miss June and Billie who lived in Mobile, Alabama. Although this is a memoir, it’s a gripping story that inspires while providing great entertainment for readers. I enjoyed the grit and how the protagonist’s personality comes out through the narrative. The writing is gorgeous and perceptive, loaded with insights on life, purpose, and success. My Stars Are Still Shining is a ride you will want to take, a skillfully written memoir with vivid settings, emotionally charged moments, and a lot of entertainment. As you read from page to page, you also get a strong idea of turning your own challenges into great opportunities. A great offering, indeed!

-- Ruffina Oserio

Amina Warsuma (Author)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Amina Warsuma has been a creative writer for many years. She started writing, interviews for Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine and The Huffington Post style blog. A former international top fashion model for ten years, she’s lived all over the world and has photographed for Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and many others. You can view photographs of her on her website Amina graduated with an ASS degree from Monroe College in business in the Bronx, New York in her hometown. She graduated from Los Angeles City College for Film Cinema Production and Producing and attended UCLA for Television pilot writing. Her first book an illuminating, original, and profoundly inspiring memoir (My Stars Are Still Shining). Follow her on Twitter https:// She and her family now live in Los Angeles.

She faced those challenges, and in the end, every encounter, whether good or bad, helped shape her journey.

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