My War with Hemingway 

by – James Charles (Author)

Will they find him in time to save his life?

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Book Description:

Zach, a young veteran, contemplates suicide after a horrific tour in Afghanistan when Ernest Hemingway appears and stops him. He enrolls in college where he falls in love with Jessica, a young woman from a wealthy family. Her love stabilizes him, and Hemingway’s appearances become less frequent, until she doesn’t return to school after break. He confronts her father who tells him he is not to see her again. Alone, haunted by the wars, and with his friend Hemingway pestering him, he descends into alcoholism. Teaming up with one of Zach’s army buddies, and in defiance of her parents, Jessica searches for him. But will they find him in time to save his life? And is her love enough to help him find redemption?

Reviews for the Book

War, soldiers, PTSD, and … Hemingway… the battles within and without each of the characters in James Charles’ novel takes the reader on an unexpected ride from the first page. His writing style perpetuates a co-witness account of the events of his main character’s life. This intimate ride-along with Zachary Powell as a young soldier and veteran spiraling into alcoholism is honest and brutal. He fights to rebuild his life and those of his army buddies. The only one who really knows his internal battle is a companion only he can see, but whom the reader will recognize- Ernest Hemingway. I don’t want to give away anymore of the story because its unexpected twists from page to page need to be experienced as the story unfolds. Even with the grittiness, violence, language, and graphic scenes, the candid and unvarnished look at Zachary, his war buddies, and those who love them is a must read for all Americans. It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with his disillusionment or conclusions. We still have the right to agree or disagree because of our military preserving those rights. I like Zach beyond his service as a soldier. He is a good friend, a writer, a reader of literature, likes old movies, and has a heart that loves one woman to heart-wrenching depths. The story reminds us to see the person behind the uniform. We owe them unspeakable gratitude and support once they get home. They preserve our way of life.
The American dream— the democracy, the freedom, the lifestyle, and the rights— aren’t possible without those who pay the cost. It goes deeper than the politics and the monetary; it is the sacrifice of humanity that saves humanity. Our country’s early soldiers (my own relatives among them) fought on American soil. Since that time, our military has secured our country within and far from our shores. Unfortunately, the shared sacrifice citizens made on the home front for the success of our troops has dwindled since World War II, along with the support of and for the returning veterans. The military families make the sacrifices during deployment and continue once their battle-changed men and women come home. The modern way of “if it’s broken, just get a new one” does not, and should not apply to people, especially not our military.
I give MY WAR WITH HEMINGWAY by James Charles five stars.
- Kindle Customer LLH

About the Author:

James Charles is a U.S. Army Veteran and served in The Middle East, Honduras, Europe and the United States. He retired as an administrator with the Los Angeles Unified School District and has written six novels. He now lives in Hawaii.

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