With severe bad health stopping me from travelling until my late teens
I was deprived of seeing the world which was always one of my life’s dreams
Things can very tough at times when we go through life
But with the effort, you can put your worries very much aside and start to thrive

I think travel is very much in human nature
And without a doubt, it can bring you pleasure
These poems should bring you around the world
Enjoying letting these global poems unfold

Now with over forty years of global travel adventures
I finally thought that it is time to share with you these wonderful treasures
You can read many a travel guide book but sometimes things can get overlooked
With my sixty-two country guide, these poems should have you focused and hooked

I have always wanted to describe these pleasures and be able to share
Read each poem as though you are there
From the spectacular three continents Waterfalls of Iguazu, Niagara and, Victoria
To the amazing icebergs and Glaciers of Patagonia Argentina

There are the delights of Safaris in the continent of Africa
To the mind-boggling National Parks of North America
Think you will enjoy my travel poetry book
So sit back and relax as you survey and look