PROJECT_COVER_IMAGE_1._SY300_An engaging study of the absurd where humorous overtones mask a deeply subversive, perverse undercurrent when an 11-year-old village idiot, cursed from birth to remember everything except his own name, creates chaos, consternation and regime change in Eudaemon (Aden) in 534CE when he, Andromeda and Scheherazade (goddesses of the hunt and fables) join a mysterious stranger, Hermes, son of Zeus, messenger of the gods, in his 500-year epic search for his long lost true love, Lesbia.

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Like the characters in his book, Holden Braithwaite does not exist. But if he did, he would be a retired campanologist on permanent medication, devoted to writing pure escapism. Look like Lord Byron. And be a founding member of the WA (Writers Anonymous) an organisation dedicated to help scribes resist the distractions of fame, or burdening readers with lackluster biographies & inspiration when their true mission in life is writing. Work is easy. True idleness requires courage & fortitude

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