On a trip to visit a neighborhood they haven’t visited in eight years, Krayper and his brother, Seph, reunite with family and friends. During their visit, Krayper hides his nightly calls to the neighbor, and love interest from back home: Myrian. She confessed her feelings for him before they left, and they agreed to wait not only until the trip would be over, but years in the future to begin their relationship… due to their 12 year age gap. They question what makes the age gap so controversial, and become increasingly curious about the impact that the knowledge of their love will have on their lives, and the lives of those around them.
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Summer (Michaela,) McGaha was born December 15th, 1991, in Germany during her father’s overseas deployment. She started writing her first book, Myrian’s Journal, in 2007, and didn’t have a laptop, so she wrote it in a simple diary. She finished her first book about four years later, and has since, written many more books, and learned how to publish them. She lives in North Carolina.

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