Mystery in the Metaverse 

by – Nick Airus (Author)

Chief technical officer of Emergence A.I., Damien Zili has gone missing. 

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Book Description:

Chief technical officer of Emergence A.I., Damien Zili has gone missing. He was last seen conducting a ceremony inside the metaverse. All that remains of him now is a trail of blood and intrigue throughout his all-glass mansion in the hills above Silicon Valley.

FBI Special Agent Asher Bloom arrives at the scene to find an elaborate puzzle sprawled throughout the bizarre mansion and inside a futuristic reality simulator, accessible by Damien’s high-tech VR room known as the “Metaverse Theater.” While Agent Bloom investigates these ominous surroundings he discovers someone is targeting a “cult” nearing their goal of creating the world’s first sentient “A.I. God.” Jumping in and out of many worlds, real and imaginary, Agent Bloom is thrust into a high stakes game to save humanity.

Reviews for the Book

Review: Mystery in the Metaverse - A Glimpse into Tomorrow -- This is a book to re read + pass to others ASAP.
From the moment I turned the first page of "Mystery in the Metaverse," I was immediately reminded of my earliest ventures into Web 1.0 back in the mid-90s. The digital realm has always held the promise of a richer, more vibrant alternative to the monotony many of my sentient beings find in their everyday lives. And in this novel, that potential reaches its zenith. Buckle your seat belt and be ready for a “who did it?” ride that keeps your mind focused for hidden we all wonder just how human civilization will change.
Much like how post-Hiroshima and Nagasaki discussions revolved around the atomic bomb's potential as a peacekeeper, AI and the evolution towards Web 3.0 are presented as humanity's beacon of hope in this riveting narrative., while not ignoring it’s apocalyptic potential as AI outsmarts even the intelligent humans alive. The comparisons are both powerful and thought-provoking. This is a book that doesn't just merit a casual read; for the curious mind it demands engagement; and post read discussions amongst Nick Airus and today’s most inquisitive AI futurist like Lex Fridman, Tom Bilyeu, Emad Mostaque, Yuval Noah Harai, and Mo Gawdat… I can’t wait.
With its cinematic flow and compelling characters, I can easily envision "Mystery in the Metaverse" being adapted into a blockbuster movie or miniseries. But beyond its entertainment value, the story feels prophetic, hinting at the paths mankind might tread in the not-so-distant future.
Each character, meticulously crafted by the author, resonated deeply with me. Their motives, their fears, their internal struggles - all felt so tangible. As someone who often reads at a measured pace, reflecting deeply on each character and their roles, I was constantly drawn into their psyche. The dynamics of how their actions might shape the world, especially in an era where AI gains consciousness, is expertly mapped out.
Without revealing too much, the climax of the narrative holds revelations that will linger in your mind, prompting introspection and discussions. I wholeheartedly believe this novel should be on the reading list for every tech enthusiast from Elon Musk to geek gamer kids world wide, and as a pre entry requirement for every Burning Man attendee, and certainly before any further meaningful discourse on AI's future unfolds. A true masterpiece that intertwines entertainment with existential contemplation. I say read and re read again, only next time read out loud to your kids before bed.. 
- dolphinlover

About the Author: Nick Airus

Nick Airus’ uniquely relevant to the moment thrillers were spreading on Twitter when the “Deep State” (now disclosed in Congressional testimony and the so-called “Twitter Files”) coordinated an attack to ban his account and many like it in January of 2021. Biding his time, Nick is back on X (formerly known as Twitter) and rebuilding his audience despite adversity thanks to Elon Musk.

Born Nicholas Robert Motzkus on Dec. 19th, 1988. Nick was raised in Salt Lake City and earned his degree in Philosophy from the University of Utah, but not before starring in his first feature film. He has been published by Philosophy Now and written screenplays and novels while working as an actor/producer in Los Angeles. He currently resides in Salt Lake City, where he works and writes. He loves to weave fictional characters into factual events. Nick calls his game-changing style “The Enlightenment Thriller.”

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