41j-FJwkdaL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Jenna Nichols, a young successful author, uses her psychic abilities to channel Universal messages through her writing. Having blown an interview with Aidan Scott, an all-about-the-facts journalist, she invites him to join her as she researches a building from a dream, believing it to be her next story. Physical attraction, philosophical differences, and something more mystical draws them together and pulls them apart as they work to unearth what may become their common destiny. She begins uncovering history that could change Aidan’s life as he knows it and shade his black and white world with gray, while threatening to tear her own family apart. Will she continue on this path knowing what she might destroy along the way?

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A Mysterious and Gripping Tale”

Five Star Review on Amazon By John J. Staughton

When you have a novel with such a cool premise, it’s hard not to get excited about diving into it, and once you throw in a completely unpredictable storyline and some unique characters like Jenna and Aidan, I was positive that I’d be pleased. I found the psychic element very well-researched and intriguing, without taking away the focus from a primarily character-driven novel. The supernatural part of the novel wasn’t what I expected, and I enjoyed watching Jenna struggle with her gift, and her own skepticism about what it might mean. The investigation aspect of the story was well-crafted, and it kept me interested from the very first chapter. I didn’t expect the link between Aidan and Jenna either, so that twist made for a surge of interest in the last third of the novel. All in all, I liked it a lot, although I can’t put my finger on precisely why. It was clean writing, beautiful character interactions, compelling dialogue, and enough surprises to keep me guessing. What more could I ask for?

About the Author

I am a business woman and Ironman triathlete with a passion for writing stories about ‘heart’. My business experiences and participation in endurance events have allowed me and my husband to live and travel the world, which provides unique settings for the abundance of characters I create in my mind.

I believe life shrinks or expands in proportion to the risks we take and the courage we display. Having worked in an industry of change, my story theme emerged: “The heart of change is the change of heart.”

My stories will continue to emerge from this theme. My heroines overcome emotional and personal issues, as they become empowered in a physical way. Please join them on their journeys – and see if you can relate to the many issues they face.

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