Mystical Love

by – S.A. Reinhart (Author)

Mysterious and Steamy, Mystical Love is an engrossing, romantic, and magical Paranormal Romance – you won’t be able to set it down!

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Book Description:

Mysterious and Steamy, 
Mystical Love is an engrossing, romantic, and magical Paranormal Romance – you won’t be able to set it down!

Love at first sight isn’t real… or is it?

The Therapist…

Sabrina is pragmatic and practical. A student of the mind, logic rules her decisions. Sabrina isn’t one to get lost in flights of fancy or matters of the heart; that is, until Richard showed up. Like a moth to a flame, Sabrina finds herself irresistibly drawn to him, but there’s more to him than meets the eye.

The Rock Star…

Richard is an enigma, as alluring as he is elusive. The drama of his dark past and the accident haunts him. As he and Sabrina fall in love, they become physically connected, and unearth gifts neither knew they had.

The Symbol…

The infinity symbol has always been a treasured emblem of Sabrina’s, though why she has had this natural affinity towards it, she’s never known. When Richard gives Sabrina an unusual infinity necklace with 7 diamonds in it, she knows she must expose this mystery.

The Spiritual Teacher…

Seeking help in understanding the strange things happening to them, the couple seeks out a Spiritual Teacher to guide them. But are they ready for what they’re about to uncover?

Reviews for the Book

"Mystical love is an engrossing fantastical paranormal romance. S.A. Reinhart's characters come to life immediately, nuanced, and unique. The plot unfolds quickly, filled with unexpected twists and turns; you won't be able to put it down!"
Amanda Rose, Bestselling Author of Fire Fury Frontier

About the Author: S.A. Reinhart

S.A. Reinhart grew up in the mountains outside of Las Vegas. Her passion for writing started as a young teen, but it wasn’t until she gathered enough life experience, that she had the courage to write novels. Mystical Love, along with her upcoming series of paranormal romance novels, was inspired by divine timing and spiritual healing work. When she is not writing, she is teaching people about spiritual tools for a more fulfilling life, hanging out with her family and having fun date nights with her husband.

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