Five track athletes from New York went to Jamaica to learn the secrets to Jamaican sprinting. In their quest for immediate success, they ventured into the sacred hills of Jamaica. The harrowing experience almost killed them. Defeat and disappointment at the local track meet led them to become spies. The clues that they found convinced them that they could crack the secret codes that Jamaicans use to communicate and hide the secrets to sprinting. After a near death experience, a trip to the hospital and trickery from the number one con man in Jamaica, they returned to New York to compete in the County Championships.
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Entertaining … Surprisings… Delightful !”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Cassie

The author takes you on a journey that is the magical learning experience of a lifetime. I became more captivated with each turn of a page, and felt like I was along for the ride with the characters. I read the book in 2 days- I couldn’t put it down. Mystical Speed is like nothing I’ve ever read before- and it left me wanting more! Hoping for a sequel; I feel like the characters’ comrade and I want to experience more of their adventures!

About the Author

Mystical Speed dispels the notion that Jamaica’s success is found in a bottle.

With each step of the way, aspects of the Jamaican Culture, which contribute to their blazing speed, are revealed. In the end, the secret to Jamaica’s success could be the sum total of the culture as indicated below:

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