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Human Transformation

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Book Description:

Mythion isn’t just a book you read, but an experience you live. It’s so visionary, immersive, massive, elevating, mind-blowing, you might just emerge from its world a changed person. Maybe you’ll have a deeper understanding of the hidden and underlying mechanics of reality, the quantum, of the cosmos, and a higher understanding of acing this maze we call life. Dive in and see for yourself!

It nimbly dips into Artificial Intelligence, magical realism, metaphysics, and the lie of time itself, with marvelous depth and scope, all in unique and literary ways. And while doing it, making legitimate forays into hard science fiction. It treats your brain like a muscle group, stretching it into unexplored frontiers, re-mapping pathways, firing new neurons, and yet it is so accessible and easily grasped.

Here’s what one reader had to say (look for Patrick T.):

“The subjects that the author is touching on are profound and stunning. Yes, I was actually stunned at various times. I found myself instinctively grabbing the top of my head as if it were about to fly off! The bottom line is that MYTHION BLEW MY MIND!”

While stretching beyond the limits of 3-dimensionality, Mythion is still deeply human, spiritual and emotional, with a completely lovable central character. Gavin, our antihero, vulnerable, broken, pained, battling against himself, but climbing, becoming, finding confidence and a more beautiful self-image, discovering his balance and his power, and thus showing the reader the same roadmap.

Indeed, the reviews say it all.

“I haven’t read a whole book of any genre in years, but couldn’t let go of Mythion, an exquisite interplay of sci-fi, evocative love story, thriller and mystery school. An absolutely must read.” — Liz A.


When Gavin comes to in a hospital with no memory of how he got there, he soon finds himself being railroaded against his will into an RPG psychotherapeutic marvel to heal his immuno-compromised body and to treat emotional traumas preventing him from becoming a truly powerful and effective person.

That RPG marvel takes place in a quantum-created alternate reality called Xenxu, a lush, immersive utopia with its own AI citizens, laws, and culture, where humans are the guests. Along his journey, he will be assisted by several mentors, both AI and human, and even future versions of himself. An immense feminine alien presence also takes a primary role in his training and unfoldment.

“It felt like an exhilarating galaxy ride. Most striking, I fell in love with Gavin’s persona. Some chapters linger, reminding me of life’s potent and subtle facets. Every word felt like a carefully polished mini-pearl. I was sad to see the journey end (and begin!)” — P. Sheldan

As Gavin earns both mental and physical upgrades, he undergoes superhero-like exercises, earning many achievements in the game world and unlocking new abilities in the real world. But he soon realizes something dark is happening in the background when a shadowy military organization begins stalking him, wanting to decode the depths of his being.

Gavin finds himself at the center of a mystery and mission far bigger than he could have ever imagined. One thing is for certain: he’s being groomed for something big, and when alternate realities begin bleeding into the real world, he alone may hold the key to freeing humanity from its mental programming.

A new age science fiction book with an epic storyline. It’s near future social fiction, technomysticism, a mystery, a thriller, and is also an epic love story for romance fans. With many layers to it, this is thinking person’s literary scifi but also a tale that action cravers will enjoy, a true page-turner.

Mythion also has a brilliant and unique companion card game. Check the author’s Amazon page for the link.

Reviews for the Book

I was part of a Beta reader group for this book, so you would think that I am biased, but this book thoroughly floored me, surprised me and it had powerful effects on me during and after reading it. So, I mean it when I say it is very special. This is a story experience and it changed me in a positive way.
The story drew me in slowly and deeply absorbed me into our hero's life. I found it funny and fresh and very immersive which is important to me as a reader. I don't want to be told what is happening, I want to be conjured into the scene by the words themselves and left to imagine it deliciously.
One STUNNING thing that happened in this fun and synchronistic way throughout the story was how much I felt I could relate to the character and how some of what was happening to him was happening to me in real time and that gave me some chills. I felt like some of the scenes were written for me.
I felt like I was getting to know the characters as friends, which hasn't happened to me before in a book. Movies yes but not books. I cared about and loved the characters and what happened to them and so often lately, I just can't even get into a story cause the characters are so unlikable and remain unlikable thorughout the story.
Predictable plots are awful as well. It's always a bummer to watch a movie or read a book and you can see what's going to take place a mile away but this one kept me engaged, riveted, and also surprised up until the end.
It's a mind bender sci- fi (YAY!) and also has enough romance to satisfy. I laughed, I cried, I got hot and bothered, it took me on a journey! I love how this story kept me thinking about it when I wasn't reading it. It's so rich and colorful and imaginative, it has this quality to it that is curious ( you will see what I mean when you encounter Xenxu) and it's messages embedded in it could actually be applied to one's own life for wisdom and personal growth even though it's ultimately entertainment.
But it's not preachy, it's done in a very subtle way, but I see that he meant to give insights and spiritual secrets to those with the eyes to see them. It can be enjoyed without that aspect being noticed as well.
I started it again and it's interesting to me, because it seems like a different book, as I am noticing a new layer of meaning and elements I missed earlier and that is always a fun and rewarding experience.
The most important aspect to it though, is while it is literary and beautiful to read, it's just plain FUN and I was bummed when the story came to a close. The only thing I didn't like was I didn't want it to be over. I wasn't ready to say goodbye. I hope he continues to develop this world, or aspects of it into a series cause it has so much potential to birth so much more out of its foundational elements. I was hungry for a story like this one and I got what I was looking for and more. BRAVO!
- Honeybee J.

About the Author: Jason Davis

Future best-selling author Jason Davis writes deep, layered, mind-bending, exhilarating books loaded with philosophical feasts that challenge stale paradigms, all from his Siren Class Cutter in orbit above Earth.

Upon visits Earthside, he hangs in Colorado, engaging in human things which require muscle movement and oxygen demand, while pointing his high-end astronomy gear to the firmament to photograph the wonders of the night sky, and which he fully intends to one day visit. But, alas, who has time for interstellar travel in the endless hubbub of these modern times?

To him, of all the sacred objects and ideas in the scope of human experience, books stand alone at the top of the heap. Story is the very definition of reality. He might say it’s One Story made of infinite stories.

In addition to being an author, he’s a treasure hunter, alchemist, astrophotographer, and in his own estimation, a permanent child.

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