It was November 1987, David Allan Jacques pulled into a parking lot, found a spot under a shade tree, and parked his car. Moments later as he wailed into a towel held over his mouth to muffle the sound, David spiraled downward into self-condemnation. As he reflected on a violent, rocky past and a tragic failed relationship, David was forced to make a choice: to escape his torment by taking his own life or confront his demons and profound brokenness. Thankfully he chose the latter.


In an inspiring spiritual memoir, David candidly reveals how he embarked on a journey to overcome his past, search for his purpose, and find a pathway to freedom, healing, and recovery. While detailing his experiences as he wrestled with devastating blows and confronted seemingly insurmountable obstacles, David discloses how God intervened, delivered him from his internal prison, helped him navigate the shadowlands and, most importantly, taught him that no matter what, He was always accessible, faithful, and willing to act.


Navigating the Shadowlands is a true story of transformation as a lost soul climbs his way out of darkness and into the light of restoration, with help from a powerful and loving God.

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Writer, Author, Equipper for a victorious life, and breakthrough out of the most adverse circumstances. Graduate from Hope International University

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