51i1KQbaX9L._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_This short story combines the multiverse concept of changing one’s fate with a new-adult level of mystery. Animator-style printing and colorful illustrations give this quick read a real adult-swim, comic book store feel.

The Navigator begins in a seedy beachside bar in Santa Cruz. Some college students are hitting on an attractive surfer girl while she tries to study quantum physics. As the guys try to impress her with their knowledge, a drunken, homeless old man named Killian attempts to come to her rescue. He stumbles, trembles, and is suddenly as sober and articulate as a graduate school professor! Killian proceeds to disprove the college boys’ theory, and expand on his own, shocking everyone. Eva is fascinated, and invites Killian to a drink. In return, he explains how he can trek through different dimensions to find other versions of his life.

Eva is thrilled enough to follow her new study subject, nursing him through the pain and suffering from the dimensional transfer with alcohol and a “medicinal” stogie. Killian admires her beauty, and lets her interview him about multiple dimensions and how he can navigate them. An odd friendship forms. Killian has another episode with Eva at the pier, and she starts to see him as a victim of his own gift. She continues to help, without revealing the real reason she cares about him.

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About the Author

A lifetime writing enthusiast, as well as a dedicated superhero fiction and science fiction fan, Clifton Kenny was published in The Guilded Pen, an anthology of short stories, in 2015. Kenny is a retired high school teacher with graduate degrees in education, biochemistry, music, and Spanish.

Reflections is his full-length novel debut, earning a recommendation from the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild. He was also recognized in June of 2015 on Tondo in their list of Next Big Authors.

Clifton Kenny currently resides in Burlington, Vermont, and is a former resident of Old Connecticut Path in Framingham, Massachusetts.

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