dcddds“Nemo was an indoor cat who had never been outside. But Nemo wasn’t alone on the inside; – Nemo had a very unique best friend. Nemo’s best friend wasn’t a cat, a fish or rat, Nemo’s best friend was a Giraffe!” This is a delightful tale of friendship and how anyone can be friends no matter how different they may seem.

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“Lovely book!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Nicolette

I just got my copy and it is such a lovely story to read! We too have a cat that is a scaredy so I think this will help the kids better understand her and any other cats they come into contact with at friends houses etc.

About the Author

Lee Hunter is a child care professional and runs her own child care business Twinkletoes Childminding and lives with her husband and indoor cat Nemo. Nemo struggled to adjust to the children being present in his once quiet home and rather than keep the children at a distance Lee tried to encourage Nemo to trust the children but also for the children to understand Nemo and his needs.

Through her experiences with children it soon became apparent to her that there was further need for young children to become comfortable, confident and aware of boundaries around animals. This then inspired Lee to begin the wonderful adventure of writing for children.

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