New Testament in Poetry

It is meant to be a study guide to lead one to read from Matthew to Revelation.
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Book Description:

There are many benefits to New Testament in Poetry. The chapters that cover the life of Jesus are in the first person to give a sense of immediacy. While it is 25 percent of the New Testament length, it retains all parables, sermons, doctrines, travels, prophecies, persons, miracles, and messages. In fact, it could be called the Essential New Testament. It is meant to be a study guide to lead one to read from Matthew to Revelation. Each sonnet (fourteen-line poem) is titled and subtitled to give additional information to the reader and Bible student.

The NEW TESTAMENT IN POETRY retains all the meaning and stories from Matthew to Revelation. It was well written and intense. It has the most loving cover. I recommend it. One example is from Matthew 6: 30 “If God so clothe the grass that soon will pass, 31 Why say, ‘How shall we live? How are we blessed? 32 The Father knows and sees that you have needs. 33 Seek first his righteousness, then you will have the rest. 34 “Do not be anxious for tomorrow For each day has its joy and sorrow.”

-- Shawn George

New Testament in Poetry takes the reader on a journey of discovery. The teachings of Jesus come to life in your hands. I would recommend this highly to anyone who enjoys poetry and wants to learn more about the life of Christ.

-- John S

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