sfsfvdEvery leader or aspiring leader wants an edge. Today that edge comes through the power of effective innovation capacity. Gone are the days where giant corporations can put up seemingly insurmountable barriers to entry. Innovative thinking organizations small and large can leapfrog them in both profitability and productivity given the right tools.

The prescriptive methodology in these pages will show you the positive impact that a well-designed innovation program can have on organizational culture, design, values, strategy, and human resources. If you want to be a leader in your industry, you need to consistently produce ideas and get the good ones from the mind to the market, early and often. This starts with you!

Next will show you what it takes to create a successful and sustainable innovation program, regardless of the industry or market you are in.

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Static Is Not an Option”

Five Star Review on Amazon By SircleMemphis

Dr. Seth Michael Stone has made an excellent and timely debut with Next. In an age of disruption and globalization, organizations and their leaders cannot afford to remain stuck in their old ways and rest solely on core competencies and expect to survive, much less thrive. Stone offers up a compelling and knowledgeable voice in the fields of leadership and innovation that will engage the reader and get them thinking about what comes next for their companies and organizations. There is something in this book to benefit everyone, from top level management at the largest multinationals, to the sole proprietor looking to expand his business. I look forward to hearing more from Stone in the coming years. Highly recommend.

About the Author

Dr. Seth Stone is the co-founder and principal consultant of SBS Strategic Innovations, LLC, an organizational consultancy designed to help leaders uncover latent potential and thrive in the global marketplace using the components of innovation. Previously, Dr. Stone worked in higher education administration where he devised customized training program for organizations across the United States to help address some of their most difficult organizational challenges. Prior to that he spent numerous years in the financial services industry in various capacities of investment banking and asset management. He holds a doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University, as well as an MBA from Regent and a Bachelor of Science in management and business from Skidmore College. Dr. Stone resides in New York and enjoys travel, spending time with family and friends and a good round of golf.

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