Night Hawking

by – M K Bearpark (Author)

Nighthawking is a fast-paced, humorous and ultimately tender novel that will appeal to young adults and those who remember their youth. It is the first novel by M K Bearpark.

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Book Description:

Mattie Williams knows all about life changing weeks: he’s still coming to terms with the last one that rocked his world and sat him firmly on his ass. ‘Coming to terms’ in Mattie’s case involves shutting reality out by whatever means are available. Mattie’s ethos is that life is short, so enjoy it whilst you can. Aiding and abetting his life philosophy are his two best friends and his faithful counterpart, Eddie. After a night of minor law-breaking and trespass, a series of events are triggered that see Mattie and co pursued by an inept underworld, irate members of the farming community and running foul of the Health & Safety Executive. The question is, do these latest life changing events lead him further down his chosen path, or get him off his backside and onto his feet?