1In the summer of 2013, in Miami Florida, a series of brutal, unspeakable, seemingly random murders captured headlines across America. Bobbie Jean Pratt and her lover lured their victims to their horrible deaths with such ease; they were able to carry out these murders for months. In this gripping new edition of a mystery masterpiece, author S. M. Randle recounts the intriguing life and murders of Bobbie Jean Pratt. This story picks up where the Night of the Shadows: The Beginning left off.

Night of the Shadows: Murder and Mayhem weaves a spellbinding tale of murder, love, deceit, and revenge.

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Five Star Review on Amazon By SL Thomson

This is a good way to get started into the horror genre. It’s got all the good stuff horrors are made of.

I went into this novel with no idea what I was in for. But soon found myself in the car with a crazy woman. And where was she headed? Freakin’ Florida! OMG Seriously?!! Why do all of the lunatics either start here or end up here?….but I digress. (takes a deep breath and shakes it off)

Thus, we are unceremoniously introduced to the MC Bobbie Jean Pratt as she makes her getaway after committing a gruesome crime. The story is told in third person and simultaneously tells the story of JT and her boyfriend, soon-to-be fiance, Jason, who miraculously survived the attack with his sanity hanging by a perforated string, the cop who is determined to find her and little Sara who is forced to ‘see’ Bobbie Jean through her psychic visions, in all its heinous glory, that is probably going to scar her for the rest of her life.

Throughout the book I kept wondering if there would be a flashback or something to take us back to the museum so I would know what happened. We get tidbits through Jason’s nightmares. But all it does is build the intrigue and asks the question what did she really do? (so you probably want to get the first book Night of the Shadows: The Beginning)…read the rest of my review on Who She Reads here goo.gl/130FsW

About the Author

As a young child writing music and poetry, S. M. Randle knew that she wanted to write a book someday. She had always been a mystery and horror buff, so in 2012, she decided to follow her dream to write a book – Night of the Shadows: The Beginning. This was S. M. Randle’s first book and the first one in the two part Horror Series. She just finished working on her final book in the Horror Series, Night of the Shadows: Murder and Mayhem which came out in May 2016.

She lives in Maryland.

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