During his senior year in high school, author Bill Bowers needed to make some tough decisions about his life path. At seventeen, he made a commitment to join the Air Force. On October 5, 1984, he began his military career.

In Nighthawk A Young Airman’s Tour at Clark Air Base, he recounts his coming of age in the 1980s while stationed at Clark Air Base in the Philippines. Through a series of vignettes centered on the antics and comedic misadventures of a young airman’s first tour of duty, this memoir offers a mirror of who we are as individuals. It shares real-life stories that explore the ups and downs of service in the military, the culture and economy of the Philippines, and the actions of a bunch of kids tossed onto an island paradise.

Nighthawk A Young Airman’s Tour at Clark Air Base focuses on a self-proclaimed screw-up with a moral compass that often causes conflict. It tells how an eighteen-year-old kid fresh out of high school became a man.
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“Enjoyed nighthawk.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Chuck Galindo

Met Bill back in 1986 at Kadena air base. I remember him as a wild and funny airman. I’m sure most people find his stories hard to believe if they have never been to the PI.

About the Author

Bill Bowers is an American Air Force Veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Storm and co-founder of the 3rd SPG Veterans Foundation. When he is not writing, he can be found on the baseball field or making people laugh. Bill reminds everyone of Hawkeye from M.A.S.H because he always makes the best of his life with his sardonic sense of humor and propensity to pull pranks on the people around him For years, family and friends have encouraged Bill to put the pen to paper and write. For him, it was just a dream, until now.

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