Samantha Mathis relives unspeakable horror night after night. It leaves her to lie broken on cold concrete, drowning in her own blood until dawn lurches her awake to the knowledge her recurring nightmare will soon be her reality. Samantha was only thirteen when her dark gift first surfaced; she dreamt about the murder of her classmate, Peter Foster. She hoped she’d never have to reveal her secret to anyone, but staring down at Peter’s broken body by the river’s edge, she knew she had to tell police chief George Mitchell. After being accused of Peter’s murder and barely escaping prosecution, Samantha prayed her prophetic nightmares would disappear forever. Twenty years later, nightmares return to Samantha Mathis, Registered Nurse, and this time she’s the intended victim. As if watching herself being run down by a car every night isn’t horrifying enough, her dreams only provide a vague prelude to the night it will happen. Every nightmare brings her closer to her fate, but her subconscious refuses to give her the answers. When every clue to her would-be assailant leaves her with more questions, everyone she knows becomes suspect. She tells the Chief everything and prays he can help her piece the clues together before her killer hits the mark.
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You need this book in your life!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By wendirenee

A book has to catch my attention in the first chapter or I’ll never finish it. I finished this book in literally less than 24 hours! AMAZING story!! Great combo of comedy, suspense, and romance! The only reason I’m sad now is because I have to wait for book 2, lol. I strongly suggest you download and read this today!!!

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