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For over three years, Patricia Gomavitz has channeled pragmatic spiritual concepts through a series of nightly messages from the causal entity Joseph, and in this book, she shares those teachings with you the same way Joseph has given them to her: one word at a time.

Each night the message begins: “Good evening. We are here with you.” Joseph then elaborates on a word of their choice-struggle, gratitude, faith, and many more-illuminating the spiritual implications of each word, and how you might apply this knowledge to improve your everyday life. As an entity that exists on the causal plane, Joseph has an exalted vantage point from which to offer advice for life here on the physical plane as well as insights to what lies beyond. Joseph has provided these incredibly rich and complex spiritual teachings in an easily accessible format with straightforward language and an eye toward the practicality of understanding such concepts so that they may be used.

If you are searching for teachings that resonate, you likely have a vibrational curiosity that allows for this study, a drive Patricia is familiar with as a life-long spiritual explorer. She knows what it’s like to yearn for teachings that fit like a key in a lock, and she hopes that all who are receptive to the information offered here will find it naturally, and be uplifted. The student discovers the teacher when he is ready to learn, and if you are drawn to this book and its wisdom, Joseph just may be the teacher you seek.

From antiquity, the great spiritual masters have—each in their own way—uniquely articulated the one common thread that is found in every sacred text, irrespective of the faith; that we are all a part of something far greater than ourselves, and that when we are open to It, we receive impeccable and comforting guidance and wisdom. In A Nightly Word, Pat Gomavitz proves she is listening and she graciously shares a sacred continuum of thoughts, beliefs, and ideas that will enrich your life and make the world a better place.

(Re)Defining Moments – Becoming Who You Were Born to Be”

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“A Nightly Word is uplifting and thought provoking.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By E. J.

A series of short messages from Joseph, a being channeled by Patricia Gomavitz, A Nightly Word is uplifting and thought provoking. I had started to read one message per night, but soon found myself reading 2 or 3 at a time. The messages are positive and encouraging for any who will read this work. But for those who are on a spiritual path, it can give you new insights on things you desire to change in yourself and your life and, one nightly word at a time, help you attain them.

About the Author

Patricia Gomavitz’s lifelong interest in coordinating mind, body, and spirit led to a degree in physical therapy and years of intense spiritual exploration. She was the director of physical therapy at Northridge Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles, and she was recruited by Dr. Eugene Richards to assist him in developing the acute rehabilitation center at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

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