Sons of Anarchy meets True Blood in Ana Lee Kenndy’s Nightshade’s Flame, the first novel in The Werewolves of Rebellion series.

Bernadette Kelly’s talent for writing true crime books has led her to Rebellion, a town with a sinister secret. Researching the Wraithkillers, a one-percenter motorcycle club that has entered a delicate truce with the Werewolves of Rebellion, she’s determined to show readers the truth about MCs. However, when she falls for the president of the Werewolves of Rebellion, Frank Nightshade, she’s discovers the harsh truth about him and his clan, plunging her into a supernatural world of myths.

Frank meets Bernadette, a gorgeous redhead with a bombshell body and intellect to match, and takes her off the Wraithkillers’ hands. He wonders how in the hell he’s going to hide the truth from her about his people. When the River Rebels move into Frank’s territory, his people are faced with a Claiming and Maiming, a violent ritual that hasn’t been done for decades. The River Rebels’ president wants Bernadette, and he’s even willing to use a psychotic killer to help him get her.

Frank’s clan must defeat the River Rebels, while still keeping their secret, but in doing so, Frank wonders if this will cost him the only woman he’s ever loved?
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“Definitely something to read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Carah Balyly

This book kept me on edge the entire time and i can not wait for the rest to be released.

About the Author

Ana Lee Kennedy AKA F.L. (Faith) Bicknell resides in Ohio with her husband, kids, grandkids, four cats and a dog. She has been writing for most of her life, is published in national men’s magazines as well as pro semi-pro ezines and has dozens of publications in both ebook and print formats. Her favorite genres to write are paranormal and fantasy with a healthy dose of romance. She has also been a professional editor for nearly twenty years.

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