Enter the secret world of Alexander MacFade Yoshida, (Mack for short) a wise-cracking Yakuza who walks the shadows between ultimate wizard bad boy and ruthless mercenary with a code of honor. Life could never be considered easy for a magic wielding sword for hire, especially in modern times or any other time, for that matter. Our story begins when our “hero” Mack, is targeted by a cadre of local vampires and as luck would have it, one, is a clan elder. Outnumbered and in no mood to play, Mack picks a fight, causing things to go from bad to worse—for the vampires. A string of unsolved murders and a couple vicious demons later, things start to get messy, as they always seem to do. Why should today be any different?

Mercenary work is supposed to be relatively simple. Almost sounds like a contradiction in terms, doesn’t it? You take a contract; do what is asked of you and you get paid, most of the time. This is not always the case and some contracts are the gifts that keep on giving. When you are Mack, you live life waiting for the other shoe to drop. The only problem is, it’s usually a steel toed boot…coming at his head. Things start badly, as always. The only child of a local mobster has been abducted and Mack is the one person who can find her. With the help of an adolescent ghost, a powerful magical entity known simply as M.A.I. and an ancient, shape shifting weapon, Mack races to her aid, only to be thwarted by an uninvited guest. And the dance begins…

In his lifetime, only two women have pierced the stony cold armor which surrounds Mack’s heart. Claire, the beautiful assistant district attorney who has given him her heart and Shelly, the lonely, at risk 15-year-old whom he loves like a little sister. When his enemies threaten one, putting her life in jeopardy, Mack will stop at nothing to save her, even at the cost of his own life. Witness as the full wrath of The Nimravid, a magical beast of battle, is unleashed. Feel the fury as Mack charges to the rescue with a flaming sword, fangs bared and the mischievous grin of a young boy having the time of his life.

Nimravid is the story of a half Australian Aborigine, half extra-dimensional saber-tooth with extraordinary abilities and a bad reputation in the highly volatile St. Louis supernatural underworld. It’s an action packed first person thrill ride that takes each curve with a panorama of diverse antagonists and lots of comic relief. Nimravid tells the story, in vivid detail, of what happens when a clan of vampires and pair of demons cross the wrong fierce, but “lovable” bad-ass.
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“Recommended for those looking for a fresh take and an …”

Five Star Review on Amazon By DragonWolf

Interesting and refreshing take on action and combat. No suddenly appearing powers that trump every battle. Abilities are covered by back story, just enough to explain and tantalize a bit. All in all, a very enjoyable read in a genre that has lately been filled with repetitive and unoriginal stories. Recommended for those looking for a fresh take and an unusual “hero”.

About the Author

D. L. Greeley has spent the last twenty years studying the martial arts, the occult and Japanese culture. He is a former actor/writer for a small, but very popular theatre group, called Power Play which focused on the supernatural part of the religious experience. DL lives in St. Louis MO with his wife Robin, his dog Lucy and cat Charles. All three of which are the basis for characters in his urban fantasy series, The MacFade Chronicles.

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