Nina’s Story (Endymion Oracles Book 1) by Heaven Leigh

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41Mj90pZ2FL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Endymion Oracles: “Nina’s Story” (formerly subtitled “The Crimson Flowers”) is of an intense LOVE that defies all physical odds. Endymion and Nina are the keepers of each other’s souls, calling to each other’s hearts beyond realms of beast, spirit or human. Interwoven into their impossible romance is Nina’s quest to save her people from a new religion that threatens to destroy their peaceful existence and everything Nina has ever believed. Nina’s Story has traveled through EONS of time to find its way into your hands. The rest is up to you.

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“AMAZING STORY…full of L~O~V~E!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Elizabeth Billeaudeaux

This is a spiritually, inspirational book about a love story! I recommend this to people of all ages and walks of life…It is a truly wonderful accomplishment! I love it.

Although it’s not directly speaking about Michael Jackson … It’s not using His name…This is who I imagine, in many areas of the book as I read it. It’s an awesome book, whether read with Michael in mind or not, but knowing He was inspiration to the author makes it so much sweeter!

The passage below does a great job describing how I personally felt on June 25, 2009…upon learning what happened to Michael.

“In that instant it was as if Nina’s whole world started spinning the wrong way around. She began to see Endymion in her mind’s eye. The sensation of his presence was so real, that she was sure if she fell from fainting, he would catch her. She closed her eyes. He was there. She felt love. She felt loss. She felt anger.”

And also this passage: “How do I stay here when my heart lives with you? “… I don’t want to stay here without you. Then listen to me…please…do you believe that we could tear down the walls between worlds? She heard him, but the words were not able to penetrate her sadness. Endymion, how can we be together when you’re not truly with me? Not truly with you? Trust what you see with your heart, Nina. Feel my love. Look closer.”

I believe Michael would have loved the messages of the book, and the imagery of connection to Earth’s beautiful flora and fauna!

This is a beautiful book! I’m anxious to read a follow-up to their love!

Thank-you Heaven for this oh so lovely story…..

About the Author

Heaven Leigh brings empowering messages to you in romantic fantasy and non-fiction books. As the author of Endymion Oracles: Nina’s Story, Heaven weaves suspense, drama and magic into an otherworldly tale that mirrors the world today. The characters’ trials reflect real-life challenges while the fantasy setting transports you to a mystical place.

A survivor of psychological abuse at the hands of cultist church leaders, the author is well researched in how a person’s spirit can be crushed by religion and other forms of mind control. You will emerge from her enchanted tales with a sense of triumph and the reassurance that love is always here to guide you.

Mystical, passionate, and often humorous, her stories take you on adventures that your heart will never forget. She makes her home in Northern Colorado.