hsChristina ransoms her American lover’s freedom with the only things she owns, her beauty and her body. Now, it’s up to Pete to repay that debt. Risking both their lives in a midnight, open ocean dash, he must reach dry land if the Cuban woman he loves is to survive. High seas adventure and an improbable love engulfs a crew of resourceful American anglers who dare to cross the Straits of Florida, to the forbidden fruit of the Caribbean…Cuba. Pursuit of giant Blue Marlin, in waters made famous by Hemingway is not without hazards, as is navigating thru the socialist society of the western hemisphere’s only communist government. Spies, informants, a powerful secret police colonel combine to assure the visiting Americans spend their dollars without spreading the taboo dogmas of capitalism, democracy and most threatening of all ….free speech. Classic cars, centuries old cities and breathtaking mountain vistas – off limits to most Americans – masks the struggle the average Cuban faces to feed his family. Morality battles necessity for a people living on the most fertile of all Caribbean lands where a three meal day is rare, the black market, a risky requirement. One American’s pursuit of love proves more perilous than monster fish. Tempting prison, even death, Pete tests an angry ocean, defies El Guardia and the United States Coast Guard in a rescue dash for his gorgeous island love. Leaving all she knows behind, Christina risks life itself in the night time run alongside the American she wants, to the freedom she seeks. “Like a Hobbit in the world of Karl Marx with fishing poles.”- The Online Fisherman.

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”  I’m really impressed, it’s a polished novel. … it’s very captivating, and absolutely beautiful when you talk about nature, fishing and the Cuban way of life. THE FINAL MARLIN SCENE IS FANTASTIC! It really finishes strong! The last 50 pages are super suspenseful. It’s a bit like Hunter S. Thompson’s THE Rum Diaries.”

David Conway – Managing Editor Florida Sportsman Magazine


About the Author

An outdoor writer and author of “97 Miles South – Key West to Cuba,”
Phil Thompson’s articles highlighting Cuba have appeared in the Huffington Post, USA Today and is a regular contributor to Gaff and Coastal Angler magazines.
Capt. Phil spends time between Tampa, Key West and Cuba.
Others works by Phil Thompson include “With Money the Monkey Dances” &
“A Smuggler’s Blues….Marijuana Mania.”

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