Love knows no boundaries.

Sarah went through a bitter divorce. Diana had been suffering from a bitter break up. When the two women meet, a friendship stirs as the two women begin to heal from their own heartbreaks. But then, Diana totally falls in love with her new friend. Does Sarah feel the same way? And what would happen when her ex husband and Diana’s ex girlfriend enter into the picture?
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About the Author

My name is Jennifer Vickous and I am a new author. I write stories and books about LGBT romance and drama. I always was told that I was a good writer and I should use my writing skills to sell books and make some money. But so far, getting myself out there, is a little tricky. I have many reasons why I picked the LGBT genre. One is that I love to write. I loved to read and write ever since I could remember I started to recently came out. Some people in my family doesn’t know it yet. Two, if I would start writing, I would start with something I know. These ideas just come to me and once I start writing, I cannot stop. I am also a single mother of one, I have a daughter. I am proud to be raising her. Hopefully, I can make her proud.

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