Ah, there you are. Hi there! How are you doing today? I wonder if I might ask you a question:

Do you have a marketing plan for your book? If so, do you think it will work? If not, do you know where to begin, or is all of the information online about marketing just hurting your brain?

Maybe I can help.

Did you know that you can sit down and read this resource-packed but concise book and take notes for planning YOUR book marketing strategy in one short sitting? (Hell… I use this book myself to do just that nowadays!)

Where so many marketers focus on concepts and ideas (which is great and also important to know, but not helpful for the “action now” types), this book offers a no bullshit approach to utilizing some of the best resources available online now…

… whether you have a marketing budget to work with or not.

If you’re an author and have ever struggled with marketing or just don’t know where to begin, this book will tell you exactly what free and low-cost resources are available, applicable shortcuts (like submission tools to get book reviews in bulk), and a simple, sane, and realistic approach to creating and implementing a marketing plan…

… especially if it’s just you doing the work and you don’t want to get stuck in analysis paralysis.

This straightforward, highly informative, and immediately actionable guide will propel your author career forward if you utilize the information in it. Sound like something you could use? Then what are you waiting for?!

Start reading so you can sell more books! 😉
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About the Author

Jennifer-Crystal Johnson is originally from Germany, but was raised in numerous places. She is currently focusing on teaching online self-publishing courses and working on the sequel to her first full-length novel, Fibers. She also writes blog posts and records podcasts for clients, still plays the roles of editor and publisher for a select few clients, and dabbles in recording and composing music. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her three kids, three cats (Chill Pill, Diamond, and Spaz, who was a guest star on an episode of Treetop Cat Rescue on Animal Planet), and their silly puppy, Thor.

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