No Dinosaurs Allowed 

by –  Deborah Hunt (Author)

Bobby and Teddy the Dinosaur are best friends. But Teddy is just too big.

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Book Description:

A story of friendship and acceptance.

Bobby and Teddy the Dinosaur are best friends. But Teddy is just too big. Bobby really wants to go to the birthday party but will not leave his best friend’s side, so they go in search of something fun to do.

Reviews for the Book

No Dinosaurs Allowed follows a young boy named Bobby and his dinosaur friend named Teddy. They both head out to go to a party and meet several people along the way, but everywhere the places they go are not suitable for a dinosaur as big as Teddy. He is too big for the birthday party, he is too scary for the animals at the zoo, and the library does not allow dinosaurs. With nothing to do, Bobby and Teddy are starting to feel left out. What are they going to do?
This is a charming and poignant children's book that teaches a wonderful lesson on inclusivity and making adjustments for others to fit in. While Teddy is first turned away from many activities, later on he is invited back to those same activities after they have made some minor adjustments. This is a fantastic way to show children how to accommodate other people that are different from them.
The story is told through simple words and brightly colored images that look to be hand drawn and colored, which adds a fantastic handcrafted feel to the story that children will be able to really connect with. All the characters are also very emotive as well, which helps children see and understand the emotions that each character is feeling in the different situations.
No Dinosaurs Allowed is an educational picture book that teaches an important lesson to children and does it in a fun way.
Pages: 32 | ASIN: B097HPZHY3 --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

About the Author: Deborah Dolan Hunt 

Deborah Hunt is a writer, nursing dean and professor who lives in New York with her family. She is currently serving as the Dr. Betty L Forest Dean of the College of Nursing and Public Health at Adelphi University and has published four nursing books with Springer Publishing. Deborah has published multiple nursing articles, nursing textbooks, and several short stories for children. She is thrilled that Touch Point Press has released the 2nd edition of No Dinosaurs Allowed, and will be publishing Isabella and the Birthday Meatball Mystery, Gold’s Most Amazing Snowman, Booch the Pooch, and Chef Callie (Dates TBA). PenIt Publications released the 2nd edition of One-Eyed Pug May 2022) Her chapter book Detective Natty and Doggy Dale Follow the Clues is being published by Clear Fork Publishers in 2023. Her latest nursing book on patient safety was released by Springer Publishers Deborah refers to herself as an eclectic writer. She writes every day and loves attending book events to share her books, journey as a writer, and passion for writing. She hopes to instill a love of reading in kids and believes “a book is a passageway the universe”. She also loves writing when she is out on Montauk and enjoys painting, gardening, hiking, and cooking. She adores puppies and dinosaurs and loves meatballs just like Isabella. One day she hopes to own a farm with rescue dogs, chickens, goats, and horses.

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