Sam Czerny’s career as a xenobiologist was relegated to studying strange life forms deep in the oceans. Then a Chinese mining facility discovers an unusual artifact on the far side of the moon. A device which could change the way humanity sees itself and its place in the galaxy. Sam finds himself on the project of his dreams only to get caught up in a sudden war between the US and China. A war that prevents the two governments from noticing an even more dangerous arrival.
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“Intelligent, thrilling, exciting, thoughtful”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Robert Rabinowitz

This is a wonderful read. A sci-fi thriller/adventure that is intelligent, well-written, and thoroughly engrossing. Mr. Godzich touches on themes that are familiar yet does so in a truly original way and takes you an thrilling adventure from beginning to end. If you think you know where something is heading he surprises you with a novel twist or a completely new approach that makes perfect sense in relationship to the world that he has built. The plot to this story is well thought out and is complimented by characters that are unique individuals with their own personalities and motivations.

I highly recommend your reading this book, you’ll thank me for doing so – better yet, you’ll thank the author. This is an outstanding debut novel and I look forward to reading more from this unique and gifted talent.

About the Author

Roman Godzich was born at a very early age. The shock of arriving on this planet was such that he didn’t speak for almost a year. Eventually, he got over it and now people say it’s challenging to get him to shut up.

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