Sam Czerny’s career as a xenobiologist was relegated to studying strange life forms deep in the oceans. Then a Chinese mining facility discovers an unusual artifact on the far side of the moon. A device which could change the way humanity sees itself and its place in the galaxy. Sam finds himself on the project of his dreams only to get caught up in a sudden war between the US and China. A war that prevents the two governments from noticing an even more dangerous arrival.
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“A sci-fi thriller, written to let your visual imagination run wild, punctuated with humor :-)”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Chanya E.

I literally could not put it down!
*******I won’t give away anything that isn’t in the free preview. Do yourself a favor and read that instead of reviews to avoid spoilers and start enjoying the story right away!!!*******

The book is incredibly well paced for busy life reading, split up into short chapters. I easily gobbled it up, literally finding myself saying “just one more chapter” late into the night! Those with more willpower will find it great for reading in short bursts, like waiting in line, commuting, or just a couple of chapters before bed at night.
The stage is set in a very realistic future, with everything well thought out from the technologies at play, to the geopolitical balance of power. I really enjoyed the many first person perspectives, though I found myself torn, I couldn’t pick a favorite character!
If anyone is able to Really narrow it down to just 1, I would love to hear who in your review!

About the Author

Roman Godzich was born at a very early age. The shock of arriving on this planet was such that he didn’t speak for almost a year. Eventually, he got over it and now people say it’s challenging to get him to shut up.

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