No Pit So Deep

Is There A Pit So Deep That Even God Can’t Find You?

Cody is a professional athlete and a decorated US Marine haunted by a dark military past. Brandi is a gutsy investigative journalist and single mom who has exposed a child-trafficking ring. When terrorists attempt to abduct her at a public theater, Cody, a stranger, saves her, but the violent incident unlocks the malignant demons of Cody’s past.

˃˃˃ Is There A Pit So Deep That Even God Can’t Find You?

The couple is now forced to play a deadly game of hide-n-seek with the syndicate. Cody protects Brandi and her three-year-old daughter, but Brandi risks her life to learn the truth about the Afghanistan incident which plunged Cody into his deep mental abyss. Was there a cover-up?

No Pit So Deep is thrilling, tragic, heartwarming, funny and inspirational; a story of honor, courageous love, and finding faith..
“One of the best reads for 2017. OMG! This book draws you in, twirls you around, then leaves you asking what happened!”– Cheryl Berry

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