No Spoken Word by David Menon

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Book Description

Why would a woman who runs a corner shop in South Manchester be shot dead in cold blood in apparently contract killing? Who could she have offended so much that they wanted her out of the way permanently? And what’s happened to her partner? They’re supposed to be inseperable but she hasn’t been seen at all on the day of the killing and has disappeared.
DSI Jeff Barton and his team, including newcomer Louisa Pilkington who joins as a civilian member but who holds a pretty big secret of her own, begin to unravel a complicated trail in pursuit of a killer who brings a touch of espionage and the Cold war into the investigation. More murders put the pressure on Jeff to find a way through and see what’s really going on and apprehend a determined killer.

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Five Star Review on Amazon By booklover

This is seventh in this crime thriller featuring DSI Jeff Barton. Although a
part of a series, this works okay as a stand alone. There are some references
to previous adventures, but it only whets the appetite to check out the previous

What starts out as a robbery gone wrong becomes an apparent contract killing.
The victim is an older woman who runs a small shop. Her business and life
partner is missing and hasn’t been seen all day.

There were several witnesses of one sort or another … but not all of them seem
to be forthcoming with what they know. And then there are more bodies….

Louisa Pilkington is new to Barton’s team and she finds the connecting thread
that leads them back Russia, the KGB, and the Cold War. So why are people being
killed now?

This is a light suspense, mostly character driven. Without having read the
previous books in this series, the reader still gets a good sense of all the
characters. Barton is a single dad with a young boy to raise, one of his team
has a girlfriend who is constantly demanding that he come home… she wants a
baby and he needs to do his part. Two male members of his team want to get
married and adopt a child .. and Louise has a really big secret of her own.

It was a fairly quick read, more than a short story, but less than a novel. If
you like British crime, this should be a satisfying read.

Many thanks to the author / Cameron Publicity & Marketing Ltd / NetGalley who
provided a digital copy in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

About the Author

Author of the DS Jeff Barton series of griitty crime novels set in Manchester plus other titles. Dedicated Stevie Nicks fan and lover of Indian food.