A search for a way home becomes a journey into Denida’s past.
When his son Daniel is transported by an ancient gate, Denida follows thinking it will be an easy matter to return home. As they travel from world to world, Denida starts to wonder just who he is and why almost everyone knows more about him than he does himself.
At home his wife and friends send a robot to follow Denida’s tracks as treachery undermines their efforts.
Through magic, treachery and darkness, Denida fights his way towards home, no longer a matter of missing his wife, but of preserving his home and all the underworlds from evil.
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About the Author

I’ve had diabetes since 2002, and have recovered from apopleksi, (stroke in brain from low blood sugar) which left me mute, shortly, and unable to move of all right side.
I always had many stories in my head I wanted to tell, now I was able to.¨
I’m a gamer by heart, apart of the xbox ambassador program, preview and been to game shows as Eurogamer, Gamescom and xbox fanfest.

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