51qmGdhClnL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_“Who are you?” you might ask of me. “Well,” I answer, “I am nobody.” Now why would I say something like that? Believe me, it is certainly not to discourage you from reading or to indicate that I do not have some sort of message to convey; but it is to let you know that, while we are strangers to one another (and I am not just referring to the writer/reader relationship, but to any stranger-to-stranger relationship) each of us has a story to tell…a testimony, if you will. I Am Nobody is my personal testimony and my only goal is to reach that one person out there that does not know the Lord Jesus Christ as their own personal Savior. Yes, you read that correctly: One person. Why just one person, you ask? Because the Bible charges us with spreading the word of Christ’s death and resurrection to others and we are never promised or guaranteed a large audience. So, I have a target of one individual. Big aspirations, huh? Where the kingdom of God is concerned, one individual might be all it takes. That one individual might end up having a large national (if not global) audience. And if what it takes to bring that individual to the Lord is only to share my testimony then that is what I will do. To that one person I am somebody.

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“Excellent Read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Erin Schroeder

Chris has a very lyrical style of writing that truly engages the reader. Throughout this book, he opens his heart to us and gives us a view into the different stages of his life—from childhood to adolescence to adulthood—and all the trials he experienced during that journey. Many of us will have no trouble identifying with his many adventures, joys, and even sorrows. To say I enjoyed reading “I am Nobody” would be an understatement. It made me laugh and it made me cry…many times in the space of a few paragraphs. It would be impossible to read this book and not feel touched by the depth of emotion behind the prose. I think we can expect many great things from Chris in the future.

About the Author

Hello, and thank you for visiting my author page, my name is Christopher J. Thomasson. I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1972. My family permanently settled in the piney woods of East Texas when I was two years old and I discovered a love for reading and writing at a very young age. Until recently, however, I only ever wrote for myself, my family, and my closest friends.

In April 2013, at the age of 40, I suffered a mild heart attack while on the tennis court. Within a couple of days, I was undergoing triple-bypass surgery. Because of my love for tennis and the increased active lifestyle the sport provided, the doctors informed me of a miracle-with the clotting in my veins, my heart created new vessels to transport blood to those areas that were being depleted…and as a result of those new vessels, my heart had sustained no damage!

As a result of this experience, I realized that I have more to add to this life than merely existing-I have a story to share…a lot of stories to share! I love the challenge of writing outside just one or two genres. Many of my early short stories and poetry compositions include fantasy, science fiction, romance, and horror. I am a very descriptive writer-in other words, I take pride in being able to use adjectives to paint pictures with my words: but not so much that I slow down the pace.

I live in Tyler, Texas with my beautiful wife Debra. We have two children, Camron and Megan; and two grandchildren, Braydon, Cheyenne, and Brooklynn.

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