“I wish I had known of a book like this when I was learning the piano” is the sort of reaction to his book that Christopher Russell encounters because we all want to understand what we are learning as much as possible. Christopher regards this book as his life’s work in providing people with something that is enjoyable and useful to read to supplement their piano lessons, or to simply add to their knowledge if they play or teach the piano but no longer have lessons, or are about to start the adventure of learning so fascinating an instrument with a teacher.
Christopher Russell is a qualified piano teacher who has taught the piano for the last twenty-seven years. He was a concert pianist but discovered in his late twenties that he enjoyed teaching the piano the most. Christopher writes, “This book is an encouraging companion to someone’s piano lessons in the exciting journey of discovery that learning the piano is all about”.
Writing in Piano Professional, Murray McLachlan (editor and head of keyboard at Chetham’s School of Music) reviewed Notes on the Piano
“Christopher Russell is an experienced piano teacher and former student of Phyllis Sellick”. He refers to “his invaluable and inspiring book Notes on the Piano”. “Christopher’s book has been already praised by Jeremy Siepmann, and touches on vital issues that are of constant relevance to all piano students, teachers and players”.