51JqL8wYpXL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_“For years I have wanted to immortalize my thoughts as a handbook for my loving daughter Jacqui. Having been a polio survivor being stricken in 1953 at 7 months old, I had to learn much about survival, caring, adapting, loving, leading, and so much more. As one of the younger survivors of polio (vaccine came out a few months after I contracted this deadly and crippling disease) I naturally learned quickly about “odds” and statistics; which is to say they’re meaningless if you are the one who falls on the wrong side of probability!!!

I have survived many things in life and have achieved many things in life (polio survivors are known to be over achievers …. statistically of course). I have learned much along the way with both my successes and failures. The main thing I learned is how to beat the odds which turned out to be very simple; NEVER GIVE UP.

This book is a compilation of various notes I want my daughter Jacqui to remember even when I’m long gone. My style of writing is free flowing for easy reading and understanding. The chapters in the book have no particular order be it chronological or otherwise. Instead they are in the order of my mood and inspiration at the time I sat down at my keyboard. I write from the heart as I approach all things in my life. My brain shows me the options but my heart makes the decision. This has proved to be a very effective approach and has made me successful in many ways. I live by a concept that I always knew but the great motivator Anthony Robbins coined or immortalized the best phrase that describes it all: “Live with Passion.”

So, buckle your seatbelts; put on your reading glasses; relax and enjoy. I waited and thought about this project for a long time so I hope you learn something and to my daughter, this is what I leave to you as the history of your dad and the “guide to life according to Pops.””

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“inspirational for everyone!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Alex Krauss

This is a wonderful collection of notes. I loved it. It’s fast and easy to read, heart warming and inspirational. The author is a thoughtful, loving dad who is giving his daughter wonderful advice and special tips about life and what she will encounter and how she can be happy as well as successful. But his advice really applies to everybody. I found terrific ideas that will help my own life. This is not just for parents or children — it’s inspirational for everyone. In publishing and sharing these notes with others, there will be many who will enjoy and find his advice to be invaluable. Also, we are invited inside of a special father child relationship in a way I haven’t seen. I highly recommend this book.

About the Author

Ronald A. Tomo is a polio survivor who has achieved many successes in life and done things the average, able bodied person has never achieved. Being paralyzed in various limbs from polio, Ron went on to get multiple degrees, become a VP at a major hospital, was awarded the ARRL 2010 Humanitarian of the year award for his work as an emergency communications specialist and HAM Radio Operator who went to Haiti right after the earthquake to help save many lives. He was also a professor of Hospital Systems, an ambulance driver, a rock ‘n roll singer who performed at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, authored articles and his book to his daughter, “Notes to Jacqui.” Ron is also called upon as a speaker at various professional and education institutions. He is married with one daughter.

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