Nova Terra: Titan by Seth Ring

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Book Description:

A computer controlled fantasy world. A parallel reality. A young man with a difficult past and a need to prove himself. Join Thorn, a giant young man seeking reprieve from his life of pain, as he embarks on a quest of conflict and discovery. Maybe there is much more to this new reality than meets the eye.

Nova Terra, your dreams, your world.
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“Can’t wait for the next one”

Five Star Review on Amazon By E.Cook

Things i liked about this book: Original main character situation ( loved how the author described the MC and the situation that puts him into the VR world.) , Great world creation, world and it’s history are described vividly creating a superb picture of the environment that the MC finds himself in. Well described fight scenes. Good foreshadowing that decently built up suspense. Very good editing (very little grammar mistakes… things that but me a lot reading independent authors)
This is a great first book in a series that makes me look forward to the next installment.

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