Orjanette Bryant is the author of Nubias Guide to Going Natural. She is a nurse, natural oil wellness coach, and a motivational speaker. She provides tips and simple guide to hair care.

She spoke as a guest speaker at the Naturals of Palm Coast Hair show event and has spoken at several other hair events at the colleges. Orjanette shares the truth about transitioning to natural and helps others understand the health benefits to avoiding harmful chemicals that we use daily for our hair. Nubias Guide to Going Natural helps us with growth tips, selecting the best oil for your hair and understanding which shampoos to avoid. This guide offers a wealth of information and growth tips for your hair. If you are interested in booking a speaking arrangement please contact her at orjanette@yahoo.com.

Nubias Guide to Going Natural offers a vast variety of options to a diverse variety of people. Natural is not limited to any specific culture, sex, age, or race. Natural is a chemical free living and people who transition to natural focus their attention to organic solutions to hair care. As you transition you must set up realistic goals for your hair. As you begin your transition journey I encourage you to explore natural hair types that are similar to your hair to help you understand hair that is similar to yours. Select YouTube videos of bloggers that can teach you step by step guidance to the best hair care. Be realistic and create unique styles for you.

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