Office Politics 101: Silence of the back stabbing lambs by Ethan Powers

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Here is your career prediction.. sooner or later you will be back-stabbed and the damage will range from a scratch to a very deep wound.

Congratulations! If you have got a job as a result of the tips from Book 1 and 2 of this series, Book 3 here is where your career success really begins.
This book is also for anyone if you are feeling stressed and frustrated in your job due to the political tactics played by your colleagues.

As long as you are in employment, workplace politics are inherent.
Like the rules in a game of sports, politics in the office are the rules.
In Tony Robbins’ latest book, Money: Master the Game, he has a whole section dedicated on the need to know the rules of the game before you get into the game. In other words, in any situation, you must know the rules of the game.
Now that you know the importance of the rules ,can you afford to ignore office politics and expect your work environment to be smooth sailing?

Learn to dance with workplace politics and see how the following will smoothly flood into your life:
– career advancement on a fast track
– circle of friends expands
– confidence level goes up sky high
– get things done smoothly
– enjoying your work
– gaining more influence or power

You can choose to neglect office politics but be prepared to be haunted with 10 negative lifestyles:

– being treated unfairly
– being bullied
– being sidelined
– you do the hardwork but someone takes the credit
– you get the blame for mistakes done by others
– you never see the light for your job promotion
– you are the subject of gossips
– feel more stress
– feel that workplace is like hell
– you get additioinal workload while other colleagues have more free time, drinking coffee.

The devastating negativity will affect your self-esteem, confidence, health, happiness and the meaning of life.
You can prevent or stop this nonsense now with the guide from this book.

In Office Politics 101 you will learn:

  • the fundamental reason why office politics exist
  • 5 major causes of the political game
  • 3 techniques that are almost a cure-all for any types of office politics.
  • how to identify more than 30 situations when the dirty tricks are being played
  • simple yet effective tips to neutralize the situation
  • Here is a sample of the 30 situations:Under tip #28…“But I promised them that you will do it”… does this sound familiar to you?…Such people know that you have a weakness or soft spot for not fulfilling promises. This will prompt them to use this weakness in order to get a job done by you. As a consequence, you are trapped by other people’s promise under your name. If you failed, it’s your fault. If you succeeded, they will probably take the credit. If you didn’t agree on doing a task, don’t do it. If you didn’t deliver, it’s not your fault. It’s the person who made the promise whose reputation will be tinged. Inform your boss or the management if someone promises that you allegedly claimed a task.

Does it mean that you have to be a ‘bad’ person to thrive in a world of lying, backstabbing and dirty tricks environment?
The answer is a big NO.
Embrace it as if you are learning kung fu. It is for self defence and not to harm others.
To be a black belt holder, it will take many years of practice.
The earlier you start, the earlier you become an expert.

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Available on Amazon

“A Masters Degree in Office Politics”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Ken Rossignol

Holy moley, this book just nails it. Anyone entering the workplace for the first time will prosper from getting the education that was never taught in college. Its a fast read but one you may come back to time and time again.

About the Author

Ethan Powers is a successful husband, father, employee and would be retiring from working in the Corporate world in a few years time.
He has decided to share whatever experiences he has picked up for the past 30 years as a leader, as an employee and as an entrepreneur.
Ethan Powers has worked in the Corporate world for close to 20 years.
He started work as a Engineering Assistant and went on to become an Engineering Manager.
Other noteworthy highlights of his career include being a Quality Manager, being a Lieutenant in the army and being an entrepreneur for close to ten years.
His hobby includes reading self-improvement books and learning internet stuff.
Favorite quote…” nothing has any meaning, except the meaning that you give.”

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